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Walker’s Shortbread Highlanders, Pure Butter Shortbread Cookies, 7 Oz Box


Indulge in the rich and buttery flavor of Walker’s Highlanders Shortbread Cookies. Made with pure ingredients and hand-rolled in demerara sugar, these crunchy cookies offer a delightful treat for any occasion.


Product Description:

Walker’s Highlanders Shortbread Cookies are a true delight for your taste buds. Crafted with care using only four pure ingredients – butter, flour, sugar, and salt – these cookies offer a rich and flavorful experience from the first bite to the last.


Buttery Goodness: Experience the pure buttery taste of Walker’s Shortbread Cookies.
Hand-Rolled Edges: The edges of these cookies are hand-rolled in demerara sugar for a delightful crunch.
Scottish Tradition: These cookies are made based on the same recipe as the homemade shortbread created by Joseph Walker in 1898.


Weight: 7 oz
Ingredients: Creamery butter, finest flour, sugar, salt
Certifications: Vegetarian, Kosher


Enjoy these Highlanders Shortbread Cookies with a cup of hot tea or savor them on their own. Let the buttery goodness melt in your mouth as you experience the rich flavors of traditional Scottish baking.


Walker’s Shortbread Cookies are made with high-quality creamery butter, the finest flour, sugar, and salt. Each cookie is hand-rolled in demerara sugar to add a delightful crunch to every bite.