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SkinnyPop White Cheddar Snack Packs, Halloween 0.65 Oz, 6 Count


Enjoy guilt-free snacking with SkinnyPop Popcorn White Cheddar Snack Packs. Popped to perfection with premium kernels, sunflower oil, and just the right amount of salt. Perfect for movie nights or on-the-go munching.


Product Description:

SkinnyPop Popcorn White Cheddar Snack Packs are the ideal choice for guilt-free snacking. Made with premium popcorn kernels, sunflower oil, and a perfect touch of salt, each bite is a burst of flavor and crunch.


Flavors: Range of flavors to tantalize your taste buds
Sizes: Variety of sizes for different occasions


Weight: 0.65 Oz

Count: 6 Snack Packs


Enjoy these snack packs during movie nights, in your kid’s lunchbox, or when you’re on-the-go. Simply tear open a pack and savor the deliciousness.


Premium Popcorn Kernels, Sunflower Oil, Salt