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Planters Cashew Halves & Pieces 26 Oz Canister Plant-Based Protein


Indulge in Planters’ creamy Salted Cashew Halves & Pieces. Packed with plant-based protein, these crunchy snacks are perfect for any occasion.


Product Description:

Experience the ultimate snack satisfaction with Planters Salted Cashew Halves & Pieces. These bite-sized snacks are a blend of full-sized flavor and nutrition that the whole family will enjoy. Roasted to perfection in peanut oil and seasoned with sea salt, these cashew halves deliver a classic crunch and natural nutty taste that you expect from Planters snack foods.

Whether it’s gameday, a happy hour, or a midday break, these salted cashews are always a satisfying snack idea to curb your hunger and keep you going between mealtimes. Each 1oz serving contains 5g of plant-based protein and 160 calories, making them a nutritious choice for your snacking needs.

Conveniently packaged in a 26 oz airtight and resealable container, Planters Cashew Halves & Pieces are perfect for sharing or enjoying on-the-go. These delicious snacks are ideal for road trips, office snacks, picnics, or even as a lunchbox treat.


  • 26 oz Canister of Planters Salted Cashew Halves & Pieces
  • Plant-Based Protein Snack
  • Creamy and Crunchy Texture
  • Roasted in Peanut Oil, Seasoned with Sea Salt
  • 5g of Plant-Based Protein per 1oz Serving


  • Brand: Planters
  • Flavor: Salted Cashew Halves & Pieces
  • Container Size: 26 oz
  • Package Quantity: 1 Canister
  • Dietary Features: Kosher


  1. Open the airtight container of Planters Cashew Halves & Pieces.
  2. Enjoy the creamy and salty flavor of the roasted cashews.
  3. Reseal the container to keep the snacks fresh and crunchy.
  4. Share with friends and family or enjoy on-the-go.


  • Cashew Halves
  • Sea Salt
  • Peanut Oil