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Pepperidge Farm Chocolate Collection 13-oz Box 7 Varieties


Indulge in Pepperidge Farm’s Chocolate Collection featuring 7 varieties of chocolate cookies in a 13-oz box. From dark chocolate Milano to nutty Geneva, savor the rich flavors crafted with care by Pepperidge Farm bakers.


Product Description:

Experience the ultimate chocolate delight with the Pepperidge Farm Chocolate Collection. This 13-oz box boasts a classic assortment of 31 cookies in seven delectable varieties.


Classic Assortment: Includes dark chocolate Milano, double dark chocolate Milano, Lido, Bordeaux, Lisbon, Geneva, and Orleans cookies.
Delicate Crisp & Hearty Crunch: From a delicate crisp to a hearty crunch, these cookies offer a range of textures to satisfy your cravings.
Full of Flavor: Indulge in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and nutty goodness with this diverse collection.
Quality Ingredients: Each treat is baked with care using quality ingredients for the perfect balance of taste and texture.


The Pepperidge Farm Chocolate Collection is ideal for gift-giving, holiday entertaining, or simply indulging in a sweet treat. With unique flavors like Lido, Bordeaux, and Orleans, this variety pack offers something for every chocolate lover.


Unwrap a cookie, take a bite, and let the rich flavors of Pepperidge Farm’s Chocolate Collection transport you to a world of decadent chocolate bliss. Perfect for enjoying with a cup of coffee or as a sweet snack anytime.


Each Pepperidge Farm cookie is made with passion and precision. The bakers carefully select quality ingredients to ensure that every bite is a delightful experience. From chocolate to pecans, each ingredient is thoughtfully chosen to create the perfect cookie.