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Luxurious Raspberry Chocolate Milano Cookies 7 oz. Bag


Indulge in rich dark chocolate and luscious raspberry flavor with Pepperidge Farm Raspberry Chocolate Milano Cookies. Crisp, delicate, and made with quality ingredients, these sandwich cookies are perfect for your me-time moments.


Product Description:

When your favorite TV show is on, when the kids are finally in bed, when you just need a little moment for yourself, Milano cookies are there for you. Pepperidge Farm Raspberry flavored Chocolate Milano Cookies deliver that delicate, sweet and oh-so-indulgent flavor when you need it most.


Luxurious Flavor: Rich dark chocolate and luscious raspberry
Texture: Crispy and delicate cookies
Quality Ingredients: Carefully selected ingredients for the perfect balance
Quantity: 15 cookies per bag


Brand: Pepperidge Farm
Flavor: Raspberry Chocolate
Size: 7 oz. Bag


Enjoy these Raspberry Chocolate Milano Cookies as a delightful treat for yourself or share them with friends and family. Perfect for any moment that calls for a touch of luxury.


Dark chocolate, raspberry flavoring, flour, sugar, butter, eggs, baking powder, salt