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Lemonades Girl Scout Cookies 8.5 oz – ABC Bakers – 16 Big Cookies – Freshly Baked


Indulge in Lemonades Girl Scout Cookies from ABC Bakers. Each 8.5 oz package contains 16 big, freshly baked cookies. Enjoy the perfect balance of sweetness and tanginess in every bite.


Product Description:

Experience the delightful Lemonades Girl Scout Cookies by ABC Bakers. Each package contains 16 big cookies, totaling 8.5 oz of goodness. These cookies are a perfect combination of tangy lemon flavor and sweet icing, offering a unique taste that will leave you craving for more.


– 8.5 oz package

– 16 big cookies per package

– Freshly baked for optimal taste


Brand ABC Bakers
Cookie Weight 8.5 oz
Quantity 16 cookies


Each Lemonades Girl Scout Cookie is made with high-quality ingredients, including flour, sugar, lemon extract, and icing. These cookies are crafted with care to ensure a delightful snacking experience.