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Honey Stinger Organic Honey Waffle | Energy Stroopwafel for Exercise, Endurance and Performance | Sports Nutrition Box of 16 Waffles, 16.96 Ounce


Fuel your workouts with Honey Stinger Organic Honey Waffles. Perfect for pre- and mid-workout snacks, these waffles provide a quick energy boost without weighing you down. Made with quality ingredients and loved by athletes.


Product Description:

Fuel your workouts with the Honey Stinger Organic Honey Waffle, an energy stroopwafel designed for exercise, endurance, and performance. This sports nutrition snack comes in a box of 16 waffles, totaling 16.96 ounces.


– Best-selling flavor with honey-infused filling
– 19g total carbs for quick energy uptake
– Portable and easy to digest for on-the-go use
– USDA Organic with no artificial additives
– Trusted by pro teams and endurance athletes


– Quantity: 16 waffles (16.96 oz)
– Ingredients: Natural sweeteners, sodium, carbs
– Flavor: Classic honey taste


Enjoy the Honey Stinger Waffle as a snack during workouts, outdoor activities, or pair it with your favorite hot beverage for a delicious treat.


The Honey Stinger Waffle contains a thin layer of classic honey sandwiched between two crispy waffles. Certified USDA organic, it’s free from artificial sweeteners, colors, and preservatives, making it a quality choice for boosting energy levels and replenishing glycogen stores.