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Excelsior Water Crackers 10.58oz – Jamaican Favorite


Celebrate Jamaica’s favorite – Excelsior Water Crackers! Made with a 101-year-old wood-burning brick oven technique, these fat-free crackers are versatile and perfect for any occasion.


Product Description:

Indulge in the authentic taste of Jamaica with Excelsior Water Crackers, a beloved choice across the island. These round and fluffy crackers are a true delicacy, known for their unique flavor and trademark toughness.


Jamaica’s Favorite Made with the special wood-burning brick oven baking technique used for over a century.
Fat-Free An ideal substitute for bread, these crackers contain no shortening, artificial colors, or flavors.
Versatile Perfect for all occasions, pair them with hors d’oeuvres, hot and cold beverages, cheese, solomon gundy, or steamed fish.


  • Brand: Excelsior
  • Size: 10.58oz
  • Packaging: May Vary
  • Origin: Jamaica
  • Production Technique: Wood-burning brick oven


Enjoy these fresh-tasting, healthy Excelsior Water Crackers any time of the day. Whether as a snack, with your favorite beverage, or part of a delicious meal, these crackers are sure to satisfy your cravings.


High-quality ingredients are carefully selected to create the perfect blend that gives Excelsior Water Crackers their distinct flavor and texture. Made with love and tradition, these crackers embody the essence of Jamaican cuisine.