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Classic Snyder’s of Hanover Pretzel Rods, 27 Oz Canister


Indulge in the classic taste of Snyder’s Pretzel Rods, perfect for dipping or snacking. Non-GMO and nut-free, these crunchy rods are ideal for sharing with family and friends.


Product Description:

Snyder’s of Hanover Pretzel Rods offer a classic taste and shape that pair perfectly with your favorite mustard, cheese dip, or hummus. These dark and flavorful pretzel rods are ideal for dipping, decorating, or snacking. Made in a facility that doesn’t process peanuts, they are safe for nut-free schools.


Brand: Snyder’s of Hanover
Size: 27 Oz Canister
Attributes: Non-GMO Project Verified
Uses: Perfect for dipping and decorating


Snyder’s Pretzel Rods are made from wholesome ingredients, kneaded, and oven-baked to seal in all the goodness. With a 27-oz resealable canister, these pretzel rods stay fresh and are shareable with family and friends.


For a quick and easy treat, dip Snyder’s Pretzel Rods in chocolate and decorate for special occasions like birthdays or Halloween. Enjoy the crunch and flavor of these pretzel snacks that have been a favorite across generations.


Made from quality ingredients, Snyder’s of Hanover Pretzel Rods are crafted to provide a delightful crunch and flavor. These pretzel rods are created with care to ensure a satisfying snacking experience.